In Association With "The Mid-Night Baker"

In Association With "The Mid-Night Baker"
In Association With "The Mid-Night Baker"

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Quote about which you should actually THINK.

First off, this quote is about doping & cheating in biking but it applies to every single sport, life action, etc. You like baseball? Yes, it applies to you. Football? Yep. Soccer? Damn straight. Curling? .....probably.

I present to you...

Adam Myerson, on bikes/doping. And, as always, on life itself:
"No one's saying these dudes should be put to death, or that they're not allowed to find some kind of peace and happiness in life. It should just be outside of cycling. If you care about bike racing, don't cheer for them. Don't buy their products or merchandise, don't go to their camps, don't like their pages, don't do their fondos, don't welcome them back like all is forgiven or even worse, nothing happened. If you find you can't do that because you're haunted by what you might have done in that situation, do it because of those of us who were very clear about it. Do it for the guys that walked away or said no and kept racing anyway, the Scott Merciers and Darren Bakers and Matt Johnsons and Kevin Monahans. If those are the guys you want to be able to cheer for and believe what you see, at the very least, don't support the ones you know did it wrong, even if you understand their choices. Otherwise, you might as well hire Bernie Madoff to do your investing."
"WE" are part of the problem. By supporting people who doped you are in effect giving current dopers a promise that doping won't actually cause them long-term harm. And when a given action has little negative effect on your future, then that action is well worth the risk.

Quote taken from a recent post in discussion of an article, "Hey Ryder, Fuck You", which addresses Ryder Hesjedal, partially in response to his recent admission to doping (without penalty, persecution, or concern).

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